I have no reason to lie to him.

We never say goodbye to each other.


How many capital cities does South Africa have?

We suggest you adjust your records accordingly.

I'll try to keep her distracted.

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Let me give you my personal opinion.


This was part of the plan.

We are not going to stay at the hotel again.

Freedom is so fundamental that its importance cannot be overemphasized.


Are you just going to stand there all day?


Every statement is false, so is this one!

Her hands were cold.

I glare resentfully at the crimson letter, is this the infamous red-paper draft notice?

The spider is spinning a web.

I'm tired of answering questions.


I heard the leaves rustling.

Have you finished knitting that sweater?

We started singing.

I think glimmering rain is so pretty; don't you?

In our next class, we will study the days of the week, the months, and the seasons.


I won't give them to you.

The cause of death was not accidental.

She helped the poor.

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I simply don't believe you.


You're not the first.


I'll listen to anything you have to say.


Did you know William didn't like swimming?

During the 20th century, Manchukuo was a puppet state.

The price is low, but then again, the quality isn't very good.


I have just read this book.

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Deborah tried to hide a smile.

May I borrow a duplicate key for Room 360?

What color do you get if you mix blue and yellow?


Do not touch the console or connected accessories during an electrical storm.


Why do you look so glum?


You are always wrong.


She killed herself yesterday.


I'd like to see her first.


These books are mine and those books are his.


No one has ever said such things to me.


It's easier to make money when you already have some.

I am afraid that he did not understand.

The fog soon blurred out the figure of a man walking in front of him.

Germany was hit hard by the financial crisis.

I wonder how Donn feels about this.

This problem is too simple, so it is hardly worth discussing.

I'm glad you like her.

I'll love you for the rest of my days.

I don't wear glasses anymore.


How can you be so callous?

Did you go to your high school prom?

God created the world.

Thank you for your detailed explanation.

Gill sounds nervous.

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These exercises will develop the strength of your fingers.

It's the worst thing that could happen.

It's true that he said that.

It takes many people to build a building.

There isn't enough bread for those who wake up late.

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Grab Sofoklis.


Ole seldom listens to music at home.


I advised him not to spend all his money on food.

The rank and file members of the union attended a stop-work meeting to vote on the proposal to take strike action.

You are the woman of my dreams.

There's something going on.

This time you were lucky.


That's all I worry about.

Those are the people whose car I repaired.

I learned many things about Greek culture.

We have to catch up on our work as soon as possible.

Nothing holds more interest than the dialog between two silent lovers.

He placed the order over the phone after he got to his workplace.

People under 18 cannot get married.


You suggested it yourself.

It's a little bit different.

I like the slow rhythm of this song.

Good afternoon.

I'm going to go to law school.

Prices will continue to go up.

Have you ever shouted at Taninna?

Spudboy said he didn't like this.

I felt lost without Eva.

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Above all, try to be kind to the old.

Bernie just watched.

We really hope you can be at our party.

Do you feel any better today?

I'll need a few minutes.

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I'm drinking water because I'm thirsty.

This watch is ten minutes slow.

Rakhal doesn't have to come if he doesn't want to.


I can't do that to him.

You should take an umbrella with you this morning.

I'll give you a laptop.

She married him last year.

The evidence left little room for doubt.

There was nowhere to hide.

Thomas received an overnight accommodation allowance for his trip and was reimbursed his out-of-pocket expenses.

What've you been cooking?

When will the law go into force?


Her face turned red with anger.

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Liza knocked Damone down.

He fainted from the heat, but his wife's patient nursing brought him to.

I knew at a glance that he was an honest man.


Victor finally lost patience.

I am late because I overslept.

The weather is very hot.

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She did nothing but cry all day.

Western clothes are easier to work in than Japanese clothes.

Do you really think we'll find Vincent?

A mental block stopped me from speaking.

Your son is a happy boy.

I enjoyed working with Kemal in Berlin.

Frank and John were discussing their problems with John.

I can get someone to cover for me.

If you won't talk to me, I'll talk to Fletcher.


I took it for granted that you would join us.

There has to be a way.

I'm asking you to say clearly, yes or no.

You have to be active.

I just want to hug you.


People, goods and money are all free to move across national borders in the region.

The charter flight is to take off at three.

After putting on so much weight, Judy couldn't fit into his suit to wear to Howard's funeral.

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I could not make up my mind out of hand.

I assure you, that will not be necessary.

Man the harpoons!

Thank you for your purchase!

There are many different types of kisses.

He has a white dog.

He cut some branches off the oak tree.

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He had to master a lot of new information and spend some of his own time in different parts of the country.

Russell handed Sonja a cup of coffee.

I promise I'll give it back.

Will you be home this evening?

Arabic isn't complex.

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Why don't you like to speak in your language in public?

My opinion really doesn't matter.

That's a really interesting question.

We've had very bad luck.

Clark told Isaac to go talk to John.

He feels happy in spite of his failure.

She was dressed in wool.


Jeff asked me how long my parents had been married before they separated.

There's a day left.

He can help you out.


I'd like to be helpful in any way I can.


Nothing will make up for his past mistakes.

You should've called the cops.

This man is very humble.

I deny myself, because I know that I am neither thoughts nor body.

You may pay in advance for your order.

I packed your suitcase for you.

There seem to be dangerous developments in the military.

I can eat.

Let's go, Marcos.

I want you to remember this moment.

The train was due at six.